"My intention is to create imagery where there is no starting or finishing point, capturing a fragment of this regard my work has a strong correlation with emergence theory, were complex patterns emerge out of simple interactions 

This systematic and interdisciplinary approach has a strong correlation with music, mathematics and science.

The vibration created by the kinetic resonance of the sonic network series occupies a sensory dimension, which exists between sound and vision.

I am give a visual expression to the physicality of sound . my concern is with the physical reaction the viewer has to my paintings. A perceptual and serialized  approach with conceptual and systematic underpinnings

In a society devoid of optimism dysfunctionality becomes the default setting., aesthetics encoded with optimism embody social change."

John Aslanidis, March 2023

For over 20 years artist John Aslanidis has defined a space between sound and vision, through seeking to create “paintings you can hear and sound you can see.” His paintings take the form of numerous interlocking and exponentially expanding concentric circles that are painstakingly mapped and masked out, and evolve from an intersection between music and painting.  

This stream of artistic interrogation has a historical lineage that stretches back to the beginning of the 20th century and the birth of international modernism, yet the musical genre that Aslanidis responds to is rooted in the electronic music movement that came to prominence in the 90's.

Creating paintings of vibrational vibrancy that actively engage with the science and perception of sound, his work reflects a confluence of visual and aural stimuli that also mirrors the phenomena of synesthesia, where the senses become blended. 


Born 1961    Sydney
1987-1989   Bachelor of visual Arts, City Art Institute
1990             Graduate Diploma of Visual Arts, College of Fine Arts, University of NSW

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2024          Sonic no.90  Neu contemporary Bangkok 
2023          Sonic network no.19 Gallery 9 Sydney
2022          Sonic network no.20 Metro Gallery Melbourne
2021          Sonic network no.17 Revisited Gallery 9 Sydney
2020          Intersection collaboration with Mayonaize West Side Place Artcade Melbourne
2018          Sonic no.68 Edwina Corlette Gallery Brisbane
2017          Sonic Network no.17 Gallery 9 Sydney
                  Sonic no.59  NKN gallery melbourne
2016          Sonic Series 2005-2011  curated by Jane O’Neill Australian Consul General New York 
                  Sonic New Wave Ethan Cohen Gallery, NewYork
                  Sonic Network no.15 Galerie Kai Hilgemann @Prosecco Berlin, Germany
                  Sonic Networks no.3 and 7 NKN Gallery Melbourne
2015          Selection of works from the 1990s Charles Nodrum Gallery Melbourne
                  Intersection collaboration with Mayonaize Juddy Roller Melbourne
                  Sonic Network no.14 Gallery 9 Sydney
2014          Sonic Network no.15 Edwina Corlette Gallery Brisbane
2013          Sonic Network Kai Hilgemann Gallery Berlin
                  Sonic Network no.13 collaboration with Brian May Gallery 9 Sydney
2012          Sonic Fragments Ethan Cohan Fine Arts Beacon USA
                  Sonic Network no.8 collaboration with Brian May Substation Melbourne
                  Sonic Network no.12 Block Projects Melbourne
                  Sonic Network no.9 collaboration with Brian May White Box New York
2011          Sonic Network no.9 collaboration with Brian May dr Julius | ap Berlin Germany
2010          Sonic Network no.8 Gallery 9 Sydney
                  Sonic Network no. 4-7 Block projects Melbourne
2008          Sonic Network no.3 Gallery 9 Sydney
2007          Abstraction Two Views with Tony Woods Mahoneys Gallery Melbourne
2006          Sonic Network no.2 and Fragments Gallery 9 Sydney
                   Sonic Network no.2 Austral Avenue Melbourne
2005          Sonic Fragments NYC TOBEY FINE ARTS New York USA
                   Sonic Fragments Criterion Gallery Hobart
2004          Sonic Wrestling Fox Galleries Brisbane
2003          Sonic TOBEY FINE ARTS New York USA
2002          Dislocation Network no.3 PB Gallery Swinburne UniversityMelbourne
                   Dislocation Metro Arts Brisbane
1998           The Home The Museum of Dirt Melbourne
                   A Selection of paintings from 1991 to 1998 stripp Gallery, Melbourne
1997           Reverberation Network  (Two part exhibition) 151 Regent st Sydney and Stripp Melbourne
1996           Reverberation Pendulum, Sydney
1995           Crosscurrent series, The Beatty Gallery, Sydney
                   The Transit Zone series to the Crosscurrent series’ 1991-1995 (two part exhibition)
                   Two Walls Gallery, University of Western Sydney and Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga NSW
1993           Alternation Series Pendulum, Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023           Structured Visions Cb One Gallery Chapman and Bailey Melbourne.
                    Back to school art Festival Ethan Cohen Cube Art centre Beacon NY USA20232023           
                    Benefiz Auktion Sothebys Cologne Germany
2022           Walk in Walkemule curated by Edgar Diehl Walhkemule Kustverein Wiesbaden Germany.
                    One leaf knows only spring and Autumn curated by Nicholas Tsoutas, China cultural exchange Sydney
2020           New Optics III Museum Modern Art Hünfeld Germany curated by Edgar Diehl
2019            New Optics Galerie Hühsam Offenbach Germany
                    John Aslandis, Edgar Diehl, Gilbert Hsiao, Antonio Marra, Rob de Oude, Oliver Raszewski
                    Circulation Blue Rider Art Taipei Taiwan
2018            New Optics 3 Museum of Modern Art Hunfeld Germany
                    Talent Show Ethan Cohen Fine Arts New York
                    Patterns of the invisible curated by Konstanty Sydlowski Hilgemann Projects Berlin
2017            New Optics Galerie Husam  curated by Edgar Diehl Offenbach Germany 
                    As of Now Ethan Cohen Fine Arts New York
2016            How to Picture Living Systems curated by Petra Maitz  KLI  institute Klosterneuberg Austria
                    Visions of Utopia  curated by Andrew Christofides Woollongong Art Gallery NSW
                    Interference Nurture art New York
                    WAR a Playground perspective The Armoury Gallery Sydney                                                
2015            Eyes score: The Audible image Town Hall Galley Hawthorn Arts Centre Melbourne.
                    After 65 The Legacy of OP Latrobe Regional Gallery Victoria
                    Digital reductive 5 Walls Projects Melbourne
2014            Colour/Music  Curated By Anthony Oates Drill Hall Gallery Australian National University Canberra
2013            Melbourne Now National galley of Victoria Australia
                    Light Space Projects 2013 curated by Giles Ryder Gallery H BangkokThailand
                    ABSTRACTIONS Galerie Kai Higemann Berlin Germany
                    The Sharper edge Ethan Cohan Fine Arts New York USA
2012            Finding our New Fort Kunsthalle Beacon NY USA
                    Future Shock One-Two Internationale Neue Konkrete + dr. Julius | ap Berlin
                    Structure and Emergence curated by Ron Janovich and Daniel Hill
                    Lafayette College Easton Pennsylvania, MDC Freedom Tower Gallery
                    Miami Florida, University Gallery school of Fine Arts Gainesville Florida
2011            Sound and Vision McKenzie Fine Art New York USA
                    Sounds Good curated by Claudia Calirman Location One New York USA
                    Together in Harmony Korean Cultural Foundation Seoul Korea
                    medium cool curated by Nick Vickers Kudos Gallery Sydney
2010            constructive | concrete | multiple dr julius | ap Berlin Germany
                    Sight and Sound Music and Abstraction in Australian Art
                    The Arts Centre  Melbourne curated by Steven Tonkin
2009           The Shilo Project curated by Chris McAuliffe The Ian Potter Museum of Art The University of Melbourne
                    SNO 51 with Susan Rosmarin and Gilbert Hsiao SNO Gallery Sydney
                    Drawing Folio Block Projects Melbourne
2008           Gallery Selections TOBEY FINE ARTS New York USA
                   Abstraction 7 Charles Nodrum Gallery Melbourne
                   The Aliens can smell our blood, Block Projects Melbourne
2007           Verus Painters TOBEY FINE ARTS New York USA
                   Points of Departure (Six Australian artists) TOBEY FINE ARTS NewYork USA
                   Verus Painters 03/08/07 TOBEY FINE ARTS NewYork USA
2006           Arts and Minds curated By Nick Vickers Delmar Gallery Sydney
                   The colour of Music Curated by Annabelle Pegus Adelaide Central Gallery, Adelaide
2005           Dreams in the Abstract Paintingss1933-2005 TOBEY FINE ARTS NYC
                   Disorientate, curated by Paul Zika, Plimsoll Gallery University of Tasmania
                   Conceptual crochet, curated by Christopher Dean, The Cross Art Projects Sydney
                   Vibration, curated by Nick Vickers with Jurek Wybraniek and Andrew Leslie, Sir Hermann Black Gallery, Sydney (parallel program to the Sydney Biennials)
2003           Abstraktion 100 years later two part exhibition, Moscow Artists Union Moscow Russia and TOBEY FINE ARTS New York USA
2002           Lines 2 Fireworks gallery Brisbane
                   GOOD VIBRATIONS The Legacy of OP Art in Australia Heidi Museum of Modern Art Melbourne
2001           Dirty Drawings TOBEY FINE ARTS New York USA
2000           Lines Fireworks Gallery Brisbane  
1999           stripp Victorian Ministry of the arts exhibition space
1998           Optics The Herman Black Gallery Sydney
                   Sixth Australian Contemporary Art Fair Melbourne
1995           Bathurst Art Purchase, Bathurst Regional Gallery, Bathurst NSW
1993           Flux Airspace, Sydney


Queensland Gallery of Modern Art QAGOMA
Heide Museum of Modern Art
The Arts Centre Melbourne
Allens Arthur Robinson
New England Regional Art Gallery, Armidale NSW
Lowensteins Arts Management
Sydney University collection
Westmead Children’s Hospital Sydney
The Simpfendorfer collection Germany
Private Collections in Australia, Europe and USA

Grants & Awards

1990               Mercedes Benz Youth Art Scholarship Award
1993, 94, 97   NSW Ministry of the Arts NAVA Marketing Grant
2003               Export and touring fund Arts Victoria
                        Pollock Krasner Art Foundation grant          
2006               New work grant established Artist Category Australia Council for the Arts
2010                Skills and Development Grant Australia Council for the Arts
2016                Skills and Arts Development Grant Australia council for the Arts
                        International Studio and Curatorial Program New York Australia Council for the Arts

Artist Residencies

2011          International residency Program Location One, New York USA
2016          International Studio and Curatorial Program Australia council Residency New York 

Public & Private Commissions

2023                Sonic Network no.19, Longchamp, Colins Street, Melbourne
2012                 Sonic Network no.11, Hamer Hall the Arts Centre Melbourne Australia  
2017                 Sonic Network no.18  Longchamp Maison Omatesando Toyo Japan
2018                 Sonic no.72 East Brunswick village Melbourne
2019                 Sonic no.74 Ovolo Hotel Hong Kong China  

Selected Publications

Hinging on the moment  article by Rex Butler #104 April - June 2023
In the Studio: John Aslanidis Sophia Halloway Art Almanac May 2022
Sound Spheres John Aslanidis Marguerite Brown Art Monthly Australia September 2014 no.273
Colour/Music Catalogue essay Anthony Oates Drill Hall Gallery Publishing Australian National University
Austral Avenue: an experiment in living with Art Jane O’Neill 2012
Future Shock One-Two Internationale Neue Konkrete + dr. Julius | ap Berlin 2011
Neue Konkrete and Architecture dr julius | ap Berlin Germany 2010
Sight and Sound Music and Abstraction in Australian Art   The Arts centre Melbourne catalogue essay Steven Tonkin 2010
Gallery 9 a  showcase for serious artists review by Prue Gibson Australian Art Review Sept 2009
Drawing Folio review by Penny Modra The Sunday Age April 12 2009
Abstraction 7exhibition publication Charles Nodrum Gallery Melbourne 2008
Colour in Art Revisiting 1919 essay by Christopher Dean, Ivan Dougherty Gallery 2008
50 Emerging Galleries from around the world Andrew Frost Contemporary 2007 Annual
Sonic Network no.2 and Fragments Jacqueline Millner, Eyeline no.63 2007
Visual Arts Penny Webb The Sunday Age February 18th 2007
Abstraction Two Views Jane Oneill Exhibition Catalogue Essay Mahoney Galleries Melbourne 2007
Gallery- Going David Cohen The New York Sun Thursday August 25th 2005
Conceptual Crochet/Conceptual Beauty Jacqueline Millner, Eyeline no.57 200
Sound waves on canvas exhibition review Ben Byrne Courier Mail Brisbane September 2004
Sonic Wrestling publication by Fox Galleries 2004
Rex Butler A secret History of Australian Art 2002
Good vibrations to test the retina Robert Nelson the Age November 16th 2002
Good Vibrations: the legacy of Op art in Australia Catalogue essay, Zara Stanhope 2002
Dislocation Exhibition Catalogue essay Morgan Thomas November 2002
Lines exhibition catalogue Micheal Eather March 2002
Dislocation exhibition review Ben Eltham Courier Mail Brisbane November 200
Art and Australia, Exhibition Commentary March 200
Artists Run Spaces, Australian Art Collector April 1999
Optics Nick Vickers Exhibition Catalogue March 1998
Real Experience or mere information Peter Duggan, Art Monthly no.72 1994

Selected Performances / Collaborations

2009          Futuro Tropicale Uberlingua Warehouse Meltdown Melbourne saxaphone performance with dj BP
2008          Playing saxophone with Head Parts as part of  You don’t have to call it music at Toff in Town 22.7.08
2005          Settling old Scores collaboration and performance with Richard Bell Artspace Sydney
2004          slide projections as part of Environ monthly event at Loop Melbourne
2002          Saxophone performance in conjunction with film screening by Tony woods,
                   As part of moving image coalition Cinema Nova Melbourne.
2000          Performance as part of AND, Musicians Club,Melbourne        
1999          Naptime Performance as part of Surprize devised by Paul Quinn as part
                  Of Texture, Southgate Melbourne.
1998          Slide Projections in conjunction with The Launch of Dislocations
                  (Zonar Recordings) stripp Melbourne
1995-1997 Slide projections at electronic music events with Clan analogue Sydney

@ 2023 John Aslanidis